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The Inside Story- Bronwyn Gorman

1.   Tell us about your current role, what does the job entail?

I am part of the Finance team. I was recently promoted to Finance Team Lead. I oversee the monthly payroll, bookkeeping, and the daily responsibilities necessary in the Finance department of Irish Pensions & Finance. This is all under the guidance of my manager Blaithin Finn CFO and with the support of my colleague Sarahjane McKeever.


2.   How long have you worked in IPF?

It will be my 10th work anniversary in September 2023!


3.   What attracted you to working there?

In 2013 I was made redundant from my administration role and had just completed a course. Our course co Ordinator advised us to look for jobs as soon as we had finished. I answered the IPF administration position advertised. I think IPF is a very positive and forward thinking company. I have learnt so much since walking through those doors almost 10 years ago.


4.   Tell us about your average day?

I set tasks daily and follow them as it organises me. I have a hybrid role so some days in the office & some working from home. Every day is different but plenty to pack in from payroll procedures, bookkeeping & adhering to the financial needs of the company as set out by my manager.


5.  What do you enjoy about your job? 

 From day one I loved working in IPF. I was encouraged to develop my administrative skills, begin training, and complete exams to advance my profession. I switched from administration to payroll/finance.


6.   What are the challenges?

Ensuring we stay on top of any payroll changes & new legislation or Revenue/financial changes.


7.   Describe the work culture in the company.

Great mix of people and it’s a lovely atmosphere. I have met wonderful people who are not only my work colleagues but also really good friends. The company prioritises making employees feel welcome. In my opinion, it feels like you have a place at the company & in any workplace this is really important.


8.   What advice would you give to somebody interested in working there?

Go for it! You will work hard, face challenges but you will also learn, have a career path and you will meet really great people and have fun at various work organised events. At the end of the day, you need to enjoy your work and that’s the important factor and I can say that I do.


9.   Is there something unique or interesting about your company that you’d like to share with jobseekers (perks, benefits, training, social clubs etc)  

The company encourages training & learning but they are open to your ideas too. If you are at all interested in the Finance field or in the Sales/Administration/Marketing/Payroll/HR areas you will learn so much in IPF and have a very rewarding & exciting career. As a company, IPF has also helped & supported various charity events and raised much needed funding for amazing causes like St Michaels, St Francis Hospice, Breast Cancer Ireland which included doing various sponsored cycles/runs/walks & sponsored football matches. This encourages us all as a company & individuals to help out these amazing charities which at the end of the day makes us all feel really good but also being supportive to our wider communities. 

Written by,

Bronwyn Gorman

Finance Team Leade

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