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The Inside Story- Katrina Nee

1.   Tell us about your current role, what does the job entail?

I am the leads co-ordinator in the marketing department at IPF. I collate, track and report on the leads that come in from marketing campaigns. I examine the data to create reports and analyse stats that can help our advisors. This then helps us as a department/company know what works and doesn’t work.


2.   How long have you worked in IPF?

I started in IPF in September 2021!


3.   What attracted you to working there?

I had some experience working in the finance industry before starting at IPF. I had just graduated with a business degree and wanted to make a career change into marketing. IPF interested me as I would gain a lot of experience, as well as have a real visible impact.  


4.   Tell us about your average day?

In the morning I will check the incoming leads queue and assign them to the financial advisors. I may be pulling lists, cleaning the data and getting it ready to be used for a campaign. I often work on projects where I analyse the data we have and see if I can provide insights into certain areas of the business.  I often can be found at my desk either praising or fighting with Excel!  


5.  What do you enjoy about your job? 

I never would have thought I would love a very stats and data-heavy job. But I do! But I do! Every day is different. I never get bored as there is always something to do and a project that can be worked on. What I enjoy the most is when a project or task presents a challenge. I love having to sit with it and figure out how to resolve the issue or approach it from a new perspective.  I love creating new projects and then seeing the result have an effect within the company, it is very rewarding.


6.   What are the challenges?

The biggest challenge can be time management and prioritising your time. Sometimes I may be in the middle of a task and something else more time sensitive crops up. Learning when to put things aside or when to go back to something can be a learning curve. But thankfully after being here for a year and a half I’ve definitely improved on these skills and it’s less of a challenge.


7.   Describe the work culture in the company.

IPF is a lovely place to work. Everyone is very friendly and always willing to help out. It’s easy to pop someone an email, or spin around at your desk and ask them a question. It is definitely a culture that promotes working hard, which is a positive as you feel motivated to do better and to keep moving forward in your career.


8.   What advice would you give to somebody interested in working there?

You will need to manage your time well, which I think would apply to any of the departments in IPF. Having the ability to adapt and adjust your time plan is very valuable. I tend to use my calendar to block off my time and it has saved me more than once.


9.   Is there something unique or interesting about your company that you’d like to share with jobseekers (perks, benefits, training, social clubs etc)  

What surprised me the most when I first started at IPF, is the room they give their staff to be creative. IPF encourages its staff to think outside of the box. Whether it be with an idea or a project you will be listened to and given the space to work on it!

IPF really encourage training and having their employees be experts in their fields. I have been able to attend two different courses that have helped me expand my skills. There are also work events, trips away, and a book club that bring all the staff together.



Written by,

Katrina Nee

Leads Co-Ordinator

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