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The Inside Story- Georges Alabi

1.   Tell us about your current role, what does the job entail?

My role involves providing top quality financial advice and services for clients in both the Private and Public Sectors with a view to helping them achieve their financial and retirement objectives. A big part of the job is publicly representing the company to the highest standards at all times.



2.   How long have you worked in IPF?

I am in the company 4 and a half years.



3.   What attracted you to working there?

A sense of togetherness, the fact I was not just a number. Sometimes you walk into big companies, and it is just a revolving door; this is not the case with IPF. There is such an awesome synergy within the company and management makes life so easy for us. Furthermore, I have job satisfaction.



4.   Tell us about your average day?

My average day involves having a coffee in the morning to start the day and some light meditation to get me in the zone, I also find a walk helps before I start work. I then follow up on emails and prepare for my consultations by re-reading my notes on each client’s situation (this is to make sure my recommendations are airtight). After each consultation, I prepare a detailed follow-up email. Once my workday is concluded I like to cook up a storm in the kitchen (I am an awesome cook), and then I unwind with some music and another walk to end the day.



5.  What do you enjoy about your job? 

Meeting new people and also having an awesome relationship with my colleagues. Makes office days so much fun!



6.   What are the challenges?

I have none.



7.   Describe the work culture in the company.

Work hard and you will get great rewards! Constantly develop yourself and never stay stagnant, we are in the business of knowledge.



8.   What advice would you give to somebody interested in working there?

Just go for it! I promise you it will be the best decision you have ever made. It will take hard work and consistency but when you have both you will be just fine.



9.   Is there something unique or interesting about your company that you’d like to share with jobseekers (perks, benefits, training, social clubs etc.)  

Perks: The earning potential is second to none.


Training: It is done regularly so you are constantly getting better each day!


Social Clubs: Make sure you have a healthy liver coming in….Just kidding, lots of social events and summer BBQs give you so much to look forward to!



Written by,

Georges Alabi       

Senior Financial Advisor

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