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Budget Calculator

As part of Financial Wellness Month, we have designed this free Budget Calculator to help you keep track of your spending and plan for the year ahead.

How can a household budget help you?

  1. Gives you more control over your money – a budget gives you a clearer picture of your spending and saving habits. It can help you decide on your financial priorities.
  2. Keeps you focused on your goals – avoid unnecessary spending so that you can afford the things that are important to you.
  3. Helps you get your savings on track – by understanding what you need to spend monthly, it can be easier to decide how much you can save, and what you ned to save for (new car, home repairs etc).
  4. Allows you to be prepared for expected and unexpected costs – budgeting can help you set aside money for emergency costs.
  5. Provides you with early warning for potential problems – by taking a big picture view you will see potential problems in advance

Keeping a household budget can be a great first step in putting a robust Financial Plan in place for you and your family.

Click the PDF below to access your free Calculator and start your Budget today!

Household Budget Calculator

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