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ARF Death Claim

Step 1:  To make a claim on an ARF or AMRF policy in the event of the death of the policy owner, the following paperwork is required:

  1. Certified copy of the Death Certificate
  2. A completed Death Claim form (See below to download)
  3. Grant of Probate may be required depending on the value of the pension
  4. Copy of valid Photo ID & Proof of address of beneficiary
  5. A copy of marriage Certificate if Applicable
  6. Death claim form, to be completed by the executor of the deceased’s estate
  7. Other Requirements may be required depending on the beneficiary of the ARF/AMRF Policy

​Step 2:  The Insurance Company will assess the claim and if any further requirements are needed, they will request same

​Step 3: Once the claim is assessed and finalised payment will be made by EFT/Cheque to the beneficiary of the policy 

Claim Forms:
New Ireland Assurance
Zurich Life
Standard Life