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Saving into a group AVC scheme can boost your retirement benefits while making the most of the tax relief available.


€50 p/w saved through your payroll into an AVC will provide you with a retirement fund of:


Years to Retirement / AVC Fund at retirement*

5 years – €12,030

10 years – €25,296

15 years – €40,042

20 years – €56,431

25 years – €74,903

30 years – €95,458


€50 per week saved into your AVC costs:

€30 per week from net pay (40% tax payer)

€40 per week from net pay (20% tax payer)


* Assumes 3% p/a growth. Unit prices can fall as well as rise.

Terms and Conditions

Anyone who submits their details above and joins the AVC scheme by the 10th February 2023 will receive a complimentary Fitbit from Irish Pensions & Finance.
Fitbits will be posted once one month of premiums is received into the scheme.