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Personal Pension Retirement Claim

Step 1:  Contact our office on 01 8298500 to arrange a meeting
By this stage, you may have already been engaging in our Retirement Glidepath process with one of our Financial Advisors. Your Advisor will need to meet you in advance of your retirement date to talk you through your options and the paperwork needed to settle your claim.

Step 2:  The following paperwork will be required:

  1. Copy of your ID (Drivers Licence or Passport)
  2. Proof of your PPS number (P60 / P45 or payslip dated in last six months)
  3. Claim form (Advisor will have this at meeting)  or you can download here-:

          New Ireland Personal Pension Claim Form / Zurich Personal Pension Claim Form
     4.  Details of any other pensions in place

Step 3:  The Insurance Company will assess your claim
Your Advisor will work with the Insurance company to settle your claim as efficiently as possible.
However, as this process must be carried out in line with Revenue and Central Bank regulations, this part of your claim may take 6 to 8 weeks to complete once all paperwork is received. 
We may need to request further information if required.

Step 4:  Claim is settled and payment made
Once the claim is assessed, finalised payment will be made to you by EFT/ cheque.

Step 5:  Our Retirement Helpdesk- 01 6910317
Our Retirement Helpdesk is available to you both before and after retirement with any queries you may have in relation to your retirement and the claim process.