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Serious Illness Claim

If you have been affected by a serious or terminal illness, or become permanently disabled, you may be able to claim on your Serious Illness or Term Assurance policy. Your financial advisor and our claims team are on hand to see if the benefit applies to your policy and to help you make your claim.

Step One: First of all, check your policy terms and conditions and see if your illness is covered on your policy. If it’s covered or if you’re not sure whether it’s covered, don’t worry, our claims team is standing by to help.

Step Two: If the illness you’re claiming for is covered under your policy we’ll send you a claim form to complete.

  • If you’re claiming for cancer or heart-related conditions, we’ll issue you with two forms to complete
  • A Medical Certificate claim form will need to be completed by your treating doctor
  • The Life company will make a decision from the information on these forms. In some cases, we may look for supporting evidence from your doctor but we’ll keep you informed

Step Three:
  Once your claim is settled payment will be made into your bank account by Electronic Fund Transfer.