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As administrators of the Group AVC schemes for members of An Garda Siochana, we receive many requests from members for advice regarding Retirement Planning, such as;

  • Overtime and non-pensionable allowances – How to make use of these for pension purposes
  • Retiring early – How to limit the effect on your retirement income
  • Last Minute Lump Sums – How to make the most of tax reliefs available
  • Savings & Investments – How to protect your money from inflation and low deposit rates
  • Replacing Death in Service cover – How to ensure your are covered sufficiently in retirement
  • Managing their income in retirement – How to manage your gratuity and pension income

Our team of Advisors are very familiar with the An Garda Síochána superannuation scheme and the benefits available, and are therefore well positioned to offer advice to members on the above topics, or any other queries they may have in relation to their retirement.

Group AVC Pension Schemes

Build a pension fund to supplement your income in retirement;
  • Avail of tax relief and DIRT-free growth to build a substantial fund for your retirement
  • Make pension contributions against your overtime and allowances
  • Option for regular or once-off contributions
  • Increase, decrease or cease your contributions at any time
  • Alleviate the gap between your retirement date and your State Pension date

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